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Site Visit/Initial Consultation:
• This includes a quick walk through of the proposed project location to determine feasibility while setting realistic expectations and establishing a plan if moving forward.
• This includes scheduling a recommended installer to come on premises and completing project for client with KITCATS guidance / campus standards.
• If a project needs to happen but consulting is not desired, recommended contractors can be forwarded by KITCATS to department Administrator.
• If you are a project manager and need help aligning with classroom standards, a KIT-CATS AV Designer will attend project meetings free of charge to ensure this is completed
Project Design:
• This includes a formal proposal created by the KITCATS AV Designer.
• This design will/will not be sent out for a request for quote by contractor depending on altitude of project. This will be discussed during the site visit stage.
• Depending on the magnitude of project KITCATS will/will not install in-house. If we are unable to do the installation, we will refer you to outside vendors.
• Pricing will be laid out in the formal proposal.

Project Due Date
Please note that we may not be able to complete a project on your timeline due to availability of equipment and labor. Depending on the complexity of a project and timeframe of acceptance of a design, it may take more than a month to bid out the equipment, purchase and receive it.
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