Guidelines for the Acceptable Use of Hopkins ITS Computing Resources

These guidelines set forth standards for responsible and acceptable use of University computing resources. They supplement existing University policies, agreements, and state and federal laws and regulations. Computing resources include host computer systems, University-sponsored computers and workstations, communications networks, software, and files.

Computing resources are provided to support the academic research, instructional, and administrative objectives of the University. These resources are extended for the sole use of ASEN faculty, staff, students, and other authorized users ("users") to accomplish tasks related to the user's status at the University, and consistent with University's mission.

Users are responsible for safeguarding their identification (ID) codes and passwords, and for using them for their intended purposes only. Each user is responsible for all transactions made under the authorization of his or her ID, and for all network activity originating from his or her data jack. Users are solely responsible for their personal use of computing resources and are prohibited from representing or implying that the content constitutes the views or policies of the University.

Violation of these guidelines constitutes unacceptable use of computing resources, and may violate other University policies and/or state and federal law. Suspected or known violations should be reported to the appropriate University computing unit. Violations will be processed by the appropriate University authorities and/or law enforcement agencies. Violations may result in revocation of computing resource privileges, academic dishonesty proceedings, faculty, staff or student disciplinary action, or legal action.

The following is a list of rules and guidelines for Hopkins ITS Lab users: