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This page will list installed equipment in NON General Pooled spaces on the Homewood campus.

For General Pooled Classroom spaces, CLICK HERE.

Projector - Room contains a mounted LCD/LED/Laser Projector.
Projection Screen - Room has projection screen installed
Built-in Computer with DVD Drive - Room contains a computer connected to projection system.
Laptop Connection - HDMI - Room contains HDMI for connecting a laptop to projection system.
Laptop Connection - Wireless - Room contains wireless connection for a laptop to projection system.
Document Camera - Room contains a digital document camera connected to projection system.
Blu-ray Player (DVD also) - Rooms contains built-in Blu-Ray player (also plays DVDs)
Enhanced Audio System - Room contains enhanced audio system (amp, speakers, etc.). *All rooms contain basic multimedia speakers at minimum.
Wireless Microphone - Room contains wireless mic for voice enhancement and/or voice recording.
Built-In Camera - Room contains mounted camera for use with Panopto or Videoconferencing
Panopto Ready - Room has A/V Equipment to make Panopto recordings or Zoom sessions
Student Computers - Room contains computers at each seat for student use during instruction.
Zoom Room - Room has cam/mic to conduct Zoom Room sessions and recordings