COVID plan for Fall 2020 - Updates

This page has been established to give faculty and staff updates to the multimedia changes in classrooms for Fall 2020. There will be updates posted as more information becomes available.

Updated - 9/4/20

We have updated the FAQ Page and added even more New FAQs.

Updated - 8/26/20

There has been some miscommunication about the studio rooms going around. Here is information about the studios.

Updated - 8/25/20

We are hosting an OPEN HOUSE at 2701 N. Charles St. - 3rd Floor on Thursday, August 27 and Friday, August 28 from 10am - 3pm. Feel free to drop by to check out the Off-Campus Studios.

Updated - 8/24/20

More New FAQs have been added.

We were able to record the training sessions. Watch the session that is appropriate to the location that you plan on using.
Off Campus Studios - 2701 N. Charles St. - Click here
On Campus Studios - Click here download PDF
Classroom Carts - Click here download PDF

The Studio online scheduling tool is now live.

Updated - 8/16/20

Since the demand for On Campus Studio training has been high, we have added another day with 3 time slots available - Friday, August 21 at 10am, 11am, and 1pm.

Updated - 8/13/20

With the announcement of all virtual learning for Fall Undergraduate courses, some adjustments have been made to the Rooms List. If you wish to record/live stream from a classroom, we are asking that you rebook your room with the Registrar's Office to use a room in either Hodson, Gilman or Krieger Hall via their Academic Events Request Form. This will ensure that we will be able to give the best possible support. If you wish to use a studio, the reservation system will be available soon. Keep an eye on this site for future updates and links.

If you are looking to learn how to have your Zoom recordings automatically transfer to Panopto/BlackBoard contact the CER.

Updated - 8/10/20

New FAQs have been added.

Updated - 8/7/20

Sign up for training if you plan on using a studio or classroom to stream/record your lecture.
KSAS faculty please fill out the 2020 Fall Instructional technology survey, if you have not yet already.

Updated - 8/6/20

The studio rooms have been added to the rooms list.

Updated - 8/4/20

You can find a list of scheduled rooms and what equipment is in them - Here

Updated - 7/17/20

You can find an FAQ - Here

KIT-CATS has worked closely with University Leadership to establish this plan. Every class that is scheduled by the registrar in a room with a social distancing capacity over 5 will have the ability to stream their class live and/or record their lecture for later viewing.

With new social distancing requirements, instructional spaces on campus will look very different. Individuals will need to keep a 7.5 ft diameter distance from others and so high quality sound equipment will be important for audio. Some individuals will need to join classes virtually, so technology will need to include features capable of engaging participants and monitoring attendance. In addition, faculty will need the ability to record lectures for asynchronous delivery options, which makes audio and visual quality very important.

In a short period of time, the KIT-CATS team conducted a physical walk-through of all general pool classrooms and KSAS department-owned instructional spaces to inventory technology needs for a COVID-19 use case. Event spaces that do not normally serve as instructional spaces were also reviewed. The results indicated that of the nearly 200 spaces used by both the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and the Whiting School of Engineering, 90% of them require some technological enhancements; however, their needs varied from minimal to expansive. Since new technology is required in a majority of Homewood instructional spaces, it was important that equipment be simple, replaceable, supportable, and reliable. Whenever possible, classrooms should have a familiar interface. We are hoping this will improve the faculty experience by creating a simple and familiar user experience for faculty while also simplifying service, especially for non-AV support staff. Based on that information we delevoped 4 solutions and determined which solution worked best for each room. Please understand that even though we utilized all available resources, the systems may not be ideal for every teaching style and some adjustments may need to be made.

All useable instructional spaces will either:

Some faculty will fall into the high-risk/vulnerable category and need to modify the method of course delivery or to change their course modality. In such cases, faculty will be able to stream to the classroom from remote locations, which could include:

We are planning multiple training sessions for the different styles of systems. There will be a web form established to sign up for a session as spots will be limited due to social distancing guidlines.