COVID plan for Fall 2020 - Classrooms

What?/Where? - Classroom Technology for Hybrid Teaching Modalities

Here is a list of what equipment will be installed in each General Pool Room or Departmental Room that has been scheduled by the Registrar's office.

All registrar scheduled classrooms will have a computer, HD camera and microphone for live streaming via Zoom or recording with Panopto. Configurations will vary based on the type of classroom. We will have 4 basic setups:

We are still in the process of receiving and installing, so many classrooms will not yet have their equipment in place. We are estimating that all equipment will be in place by August 14th.

**UPDATE** - with the University decision to go all virtual for Fall Undgergraduate classes, if you wish to record/live stream from a classroom, we are asking that you rebook your room with the Registrar's Office to use a room in either Gilman or Krieger Hall via their Academic Events Request Form. This will ensure that we will be able to give the best possible support.

Due to equipment shortage and supply chain issues, we have not yet received the microphones that had been ordered. Currently the rooms listed with Mic do not have them installed.

Room Equipment planned
Ames 217 Cart
Ames 218 Cart
Ames 234 Cart
Ames 320 Cart
Bloomerg 168 Mic
Bloomberg 176 Mic
Bloomberg 272 Integrated Camera
Bloomberg 274 Mic
Bloomberg 278 Mic
Bloomberg 464 Cart
Bloomberg 478 Cart
Croft B32 Cart
Gilman 119 Cart
Gilman 130D Laptop/cam/mic
Gilman 130G Laptop/cam/mic
Gilman 132 Integrated Camera
Gilman 134 Mic
Gilman 17 Cart
Gilman 177 Camera/Mic
Gilman 186 Mic
Gilman 217 Mic
Gilman 277 Mic
Gilman 313 Mic
Gilman 377 Mic
Gilman 400 Mic
Gilman 50 Integrated Camera
Gilman 55 Cart
Gilman 75 Cart
Gilman 77 Mic
Greenhouse 113 Soundbar
Hackerman 320 Integrated Camera
Hackerman B17 Integrated Camera
Hodson 203 Cart
Hodson 210 Camera
Hodson 211 Cart
Hodson 213 Integrated Camera
Hodson 216 Cart
Hodson 301 Cart
Hodson 303 Cart
Hodson 305 Cart
Hodson 310 Cart
Hodson 311 Camera
Hodson 313 Cart
Hodson 316 Cart
Krieger 170 Integrated Camera
Krieger 205 Mic
Krieger 300 Cart
Krieger 302 Cart
Krieger 306 Cart
Krieger 308 Cart
Krieger 309 Cart
Krieger Laverty Cart
Latrobe 107 Mic
Maryland 109 Camera
Maryland 110 Camera
Mattin Center 201 Cart
Mattin Center 208 Cart
Mergenthaler 111 Camera
Mergenthaler 426 Cart
Mudd 100 Cart
Mudd 26 Integrated Camera
Olin 304 Cart
Olin 305 Integrated Camera
Remsen 1 Camera
Remsen 101 Camera
Shaffer 2 Camera/Mic
Shaffer 202 Cart
Shaffer 3 Camera
Whitehead 304 Camera/mic


We have outfitted 30 studio spaces that will be self-reserved. They will be available for live streaming or recording lectures or learning modules. Each of these will have an A/V cart with computer with the ability to conduct Zoom Meetings/recordings, extra lighting, HD camera and mic array, plus document camera. Studios located at 2701 N. Charles St. will also have a 65” digital whiteboard and the ability to record using Panopto.
To Book a Studio, use the online scheduling tool.
For more information about the Studios... Click here.