COVID plan for Fall 2020 - F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions - Classroom Technology for Hybrid Teaching Modalities

Q. What will be in my classroom so that I can stream or record my class?

A. All registrar scheduled classrooms will have a computer, HD camera and microphone for live streaming via Zoom or recording with Panopto. Configurations will vary based on the type of classroom. We will have 4 basic setups:

Q. What are my options outside of the classrooms?

A. Many classes will be done completely online. Some faculty may prefer to stream remotely to their students in class. Others may wish to record lectures or learning modules for consumption outside of regular class time. We have two offerings for these situations:

Q. I need to know how to use this stuff. What training is available?

A. We are currently (July ’20) procuring and deploying equipment, including the new AV carts. When they are ready, we will hold in-person training sessions. Sign-ups will be available through the CER web site or the classrooms site. We will schedule sufficient sessions to meet the demand. Individual training will also be available. In addition, we will record training videos so that people who cannot attend in person can become familiar with the new equipment.

Q. What support will be available?

A. We will have trained students at 2701 N.Charles to assist with the use of the studio spaces. As always, Krieger IT staff will be available for initial triage of classroom problems, and the CATS help line (6.6699) will also be staffed

Q. How do I reserve a studio for my course?

A. An online self-service scheduler is available for the studios. Go to to request a room. All reservations are approved in the KSAS Dean’s Office, and you will receive an email confirmation.

Q. Can I reserve a studio to pre-record lectures to deliver asynchronously to students?

A. Absolutely! While we need to prioritize synchronous class delivery, you will be able to use the studios at 2701 N. Charles St. at other times to record lectures or learning modules. You’ll use the same online scheduling tool to make your request. You’ll be able to see all available slots.

Q. How do I request technology for broadcasting from my home or office?

A. We do have a number of camera/mic sets for use in your home or office. Requests should be made through the Dean’s Office.

Q. Who is going to clean the studios? Do I have to wear a mask while I am teaching/recording in the studio?

A. The studios will be cleaned/disinfected once a day by Custodial Services. We are asking that you follow this procedure:

Q. I missed the training sessions for the carts, what can I do?

A. We were able to record the training sessions. Watch the session that is appropriate to the location that you plan on using.
Off Campus Studios - 2701 N. Charles St. - Click here
On Campus Studios - Click here download PDF
Classroom Carts - Click here download PDF

Q. Can I use a DVD/BluRay Player as a peripheral device with the carts?

A. Unfortunately sharing a DVD player / BluRay player will not work in Zoom as it blocks protected content from being shared. Zoom has built in HDCP. The only way video can be shared is if it is a clip local to the computer or hosted on an external website.

Q. When are studios available?

A. The studios at 2701 N.Charles St. are open from 8:30 to 6, Monday-Friday, though nothing can be scheduled that starts at 5 or after. The building is closed on evenings and weekends.

Rooms in Gilman are available from 8am to 8pm, Monday-Friday. The rooms are locked after 8pm and on weekends.

All other Homewood studios can be accessed at any time. Building entry and room entry are controlled by JCard with the exception of Remsen, which requires a building key.

Note that on evenings and weekends there is no on-site support.

Q. What if I forgot my JCard, or don’t have one?

A. We highly recommend the JCard mobile application, available for Apple iPhones and watches, and Android phones. See for more information.

Q. Can I change my reservation?

A. Go to the scheduler ( Your reservations show in blue. You can double-click to edit. If it is a recurring event, remember to check the box to change all occurrences. Changes go through the same approval process, and you will receive email confirmation.

Q. How can I tell if I made a recurring reservation?

A. In the scheduler, move your mouse over an event. If it is recurring, the pop-up box will say that this is part of a recurrence and tell you the number of times and the end date.

Q. How can my TA’s assist me with my Zoom session?

A. The CER has a useful document on using Zoom with your TA(s):
You cannot pre-assign a TA as co-host if the TA has a different Zoom account, such as a student account through However, if you will not be at a class session or will arrive late, you can give your TA your host key, which will allow the TA to ”claim host”.