Hodson Hall F.A.Q.

Does Hodson Hall have overhead projectors?

No. During the initial planning phase, document cameras were selected to replace overhead projector technology, due to their increased versatility. Each classroom is equipped with Wolfvision document cameras. These units can easily read overhead transparencies, as well as standard print media.

A note on resolution: Some instructors have commented about the resolution of the document cameras when handling certain overhead transparencies. The system is a progressive-scan CCD capable of 400 lines of resolution, more than adequate for most applications.

Does Hodson Hall have Slide Projectors?

Similarly, we have replaced conventional 35mm slide projectors with slide-to-video converters. These accommodate standard slide carousels and are very easy to use. If you need a slide converter for your class, call the AV office at x66699 or fill out this form to request one.

Can we record your class sessions?

The lecture capture method we have adopted is Panopto. For more information, email kitcats@jhu.edu or fill out the request form.

Note: Hodson Hall staff will not operate cameras for instructors.

I want to use the classroom PCs, but my curriculum requires software/fonts/plug-ins that aren't currently installed. Is there any way you can install these for me?

Yes! Simply fill out a Software Request Form. Once submitted it will be reviewed and we'll try to have the software installed as soon as we can. Note: We will require at least three business days of lead time, depending on the software package and license agreements.

I'm cold. Can you turn down the air?

No. Although we have access to many of the building systems, heating and air condition is not one of them. Plant Operations controls that aspect of the building and can be reached at (x68063).

I'm having a meeting/function/presentation that would really work well in the Hodson auditorium. How do I arrange for something like that.

Hodson Hall is currently designated for academic applications only. If you feel that your event falls into that category, please contact the Registrar's Office (schedule@jhu.edu) for scheduling information.

Note: You or your organization will be charged for Security and Technical Support.

I've heard that Hodson Hall has a wireless network. Does this mean that I can bring my laptop over and connect?

Yes. The Hodson Hall wireless network is configured the same as all other on-campus wireless networks. Visit http://nts.jhu.edu/network/wireless.cfm for details.

I've heard that Hodson Hall has a Distance Learning Environment? Does this mean I can incorporate Distance Learning into my course?

Yes. Room 213 in Hodson Hall has been designed from the ground up as a Distance Learning Classroom. For specifics on technical requirements, bandwidth issues, and procedural guidelines, please contact KIT-CATS (x66699).

What's the deal with the trash cans? I can't seem to find any of them.

They're here, but they like to hide. Can't blame them, they're trashcans.  Waste receptacles are located to the left of the auditorium on the first floor, near the drinking fountains on the second floor, and across from the case study room (311) on the third floor.

I need a patch cable for my network card.

We may have some on hand, but no guarantee. Wireless is available throughout the building and is the preferred method for connecting to the Internet.

I need a remote control for one of the input devices.

We no longer suppport or loan out presentation mice (aka "clickers"). They can be purchased at the Johns Hopkins Technology Store on ground floor of Garland Hall.