**Drivers have been updated **

Printing from your dorm, office or sitting out on the upper quad with your laptop has never been easier!

Current students, faculty and staff now have the capability of printing to a variety of printers throughout campus by using the Uniprint mobile software installed on their personal computer.

Uniprint is a campus-wide print management software solution that allows users to print from either a public or personal computer to a variety of printers located on the Homewood campus.

NOTE: if you previously installed the package, you will need to remove the “Levering B&W Printer” from your machine. It will be replaced with “HSA-Levering B&W”.

The current locations of these printers are:

Charles Commons

Hodson Hall

Krieger Hall (Krieger Lab)


Wolman Hall (Wolman RCC)

Click on the locations tab to begin the installation procedure.


Windows 2000, XP, or 7

Macintosh OS X

Wired or wireless Internet access

Valid J-Card