What is myJLab? : The Virtual Desktop Program for Homewood Students

myJLab provides access for Homewood-based students to a virtual desktop from their own desktop, laptop or other device (iPad and iPhone/smart phones) regardless of the operating system (Windows, Mac, etc.). Students can access nearly all of installed applications available in the Krieger Lab (HACLAB) without having to visit to one of the labs.

In order to access the virtual desktop from your own device, you will need to use a web browser (preferably IE) and install a simple web “plug-in” the first time you visit the site. Once the plug-in is installed, you will be able to log into the virtual desktop using your JHED credentials. The first login may take a minute or two to configure your personal settings, but each subsequent login should only take a few seconds. Additional details on accessing and using the virtual desktop interface (VDI) are included on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

menu below might not view correctly in IE. Preferably view in Firefox or Chrome.

How do I connect?
Click the myJLab logo at the top of the page, or go to Click the myJLab logo at the top of the page, or go to When finished be sure to log off, do not just close the session.
What do I do the first time logging in?
Go to It will ask to install the ICA Viewer client
Go thru that process of installing the client
Once it is installed a separate window will open up and present the virtual desktop to you.
Use your JHED credentials to log in
Click the Windows 7 Lab icon
Give it a good couple minutes to fully log on
A window should pop up inside the virtual window and ask if you want to allow access to your local drives (Full Access is preferable)
After that you can use it just as you would if you were sitting down at a stand alone computer.
When finished be sure to log off, do not just close the session.
Where/When can I access myJLab?
myJLab is available 24/7. Known outages will be posted.

Your device needs to be on the Hopkins network (whether hard wired or wireless). If you are off campus, you must connect through JHConnect to remotely access the Hopkins network. You can hit JHConnect through
Can I connect using my phone or other mobile device?
Yes, you can. You will need to go to the application martketplace for your device to down load the free Citrix Receiver App.

Once you have downloaded the app, the settings are as follows:
  • Address:
  • Username/Password: 'your JHED credentials'
  • Domain: WIN
To log on you will find your virtual desktop under the Apps tab, it may ask you for your Username and Password again then select Windows 7 Lab or the virtual desktop that is available to you.
What software is available?
Click here is a list of all the software available on the myJLab desktops.

Software NOT currently available on myJLab inhcludes, but not limited to:
  • * Adobe Creative Suite
  • * ARC GIS
  • * Comsol
  • * PTC Creo
  • * Most Engineering programs that are available in the on-campus labs
myJLab does not seem to be loading. What now?

If myJLab is not loading for you check what browser you are using.
IE8 is the best to use. When you get to the point where the browser needs to download the .ica file, IE automatically knows what to do with it. (With IE9, you need to add myJLab to trusted sites before it will launch)
Currently Firefox is not supported.
Chrome will work, you just have to click on the .ica file when it is downloaded (each time you launch myJlab).

This will launch the Citrix Desktop Viewer.

If you are using a supported browser and cannot load myJLab, please close your browser and relaunch it. On occasion you may encounter a temporary runtime error that does not occur on a subsequent launch.
If you are still having difficulty please email or check the myJLab - GetSatisfaction page for posts about similar issues or to submit a question yourself.

Where do I find my local drives?

Provided you allowed for full access when you first launched myJLab, your local drives are found under Network -> Client\

If on inital log in you opted to not give myJLab read/write access to your computer, you can change that in the Desktop Viewer Preferences. This can be found in the toolbar at the top of the virtual desktop.

Click on Preferences -> HDX tab -> File Access. Read/write will allow myJlab to access your local drives, folders and files.

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