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Welcome to the Krieger Academic Computing Lab located in 160 Krieger Hall. During the semester, The lab is open continuously through the week and only closed Friday and Saturday nights.Off-semester the lab has reduced hours.

The Krieger Lab is available to current students, faculty and staff of Johns Hopkins ONLY. You will need to log into the computers with your JHED credentials. Please remember to log off. Make sure to save your files and data to an external drive as it may not be available the next time you log on.

The Krieger Lab has the following hardware and software:


The Computers in the Krieger lab are now running Windows 7 and require users to log in using their JHED ID.

Virtual Applications: myJLab provides access for students, staff & faculty to virtual applications from their own desktop, laptop or other device (iPad and iPhone/smart phones)regardless of the operating system (Windows, Mac, etc.). Click for more info.

Please be respectful of your surroundings by refraining from making excessive noise. Silence cell phones or keep them on vibrate and please take all calls into the hallway.

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Lab Usage Policy

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