This page will show installed equipment in General Pooled Classrooms on the Homewood Campus. Please choose your equipment from the table below to see what rooms may fit your needs.

If you would like to check out installed equipment in other spaces, CLICK HERE.

LCD Projector - Room contains a mounted LCD Projector.
Projection Screen - Room has projection screen installed
Built-in Computer with DVD Drive - Room contains a computer connected to projection system.
Laptop Connection - HDMI - Room contains HDMI for connecting a laptop to projection system.
Laptop Connection - Wireless - Room contains wireless connection for a laptop to projection system.
Laptop Connection - VGA - Room contains VGA for connecting a laptop to projection system.
Document Camera - Room contains a digital document camera connected to projection system.
Blu-ray Player (DVD also) - Rooms contains built-in Blu-Ray player (also plays DVDs)
Enhanced Audio System - Room contains enhanced audio system (amp, speakers, etc.). *All rooms contain basic multimedia speakers at minimum.
Wireless Microphone - Room contains wireless mic for voice enhancement and/or voice recording.
Built-In Camera - Room contains mounted camera for use with Panopto or Videoconferencing
Panopto Equipment - Room has A/V Equipment connected to it's PC for use with Panopto
Student Computers - Room contains computers at each seat for student use during instruction.