Installed Applications List for
Krieger Lab, AMR RCC, Wolman RCC, Charles Commons RCC and myJLab

Listed below are the most common applications requested and/or used in our computer labs, including the Krieger Lab as well as the RCCs (Residential Computer Clusters) located in AMR, Wolman and Charles Commons.

All applications will have a Yes, No or By Request Only listed. Below lists the "definitions" of these terms in our computing environment.

Yes- We have this application and it is part of our standard install. It will be made available each semester without having to request it.
No- This application is not available on the operating system it is listed under, we do not own this application/licensing for that operating system or have not had requests to have it installed on that operating system previously.
By Request Only- These applications are available ONLY by request. Requests for the Fall semester will be installed for the Fall semester and will remain thru the Spring semester. Requests for the Spring semester will be installed for the Spring semester.

***Software requests require the form HERE to be filled out and submitted.***

Windows Computers
Apple Computers
myJLab Windows 7
Adobe Creative Suite
Adobe Acrobat Pro
Yes No
Adobe ImageReady
Yes Yes No
Adobe Illustrator Yes Yes No
Adobe InDesign Yes Yes No
Adobe Photoshop Yes Yes No
Adobe Bridge
Yes Yes No
Microsoft Office Pro
Microsoft Word Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Excel Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft PowerPoint Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Publisher Yes No Yes
Microsoft Access Yes No No
Engineering Applications
Abaqus By Request Only No No
Yes No No
CES EduPack
Yes No No
Yes By Request Only No
PTC Creo
Yes No No
By Request Only By Request Only No
By Request Only No Yes
Internet & FTP
Internet Explorer Yes No Yes
Google Chrome Yes No No
Entourage No Yes No
Filezilla Yes By Request Only Yes
Firefox Yes Yes Yes
Gimp No By Request Only No
Safari No Yes No
PuTTY Yes No Yes
Secure File Transfer Client Yes No Yes
Secure Shell Client Yes No Yes
Language Applications
Chinese Odyssey By Request Only No No
By Request Only By Request Only No
Math & Statistical Applications
Mathematica Yes No Yes
Matlab Yes By Request Only Yes
Minitab Yes No Yes
R Yes No Yes
SPSS Yes No Yes
Stata Yes By Request Only Yes
Yes No Yes
ArtStore Yes Yes Yes
Audacity Yes Yes Yes
DivX Player Yes No No
Faststone Capture Yes No Yes
Flip4mac No Yes No
iMovie No Yes No
iPhoto No Yes No
iTunes No Yes No
Preview No Yes No
Quick Time Player Yes Yes Yes
Real Alt Player Yes No Yes
Skype No Yes No
Scratch Yes No Yes
SoundHack No Yes No
VLC Media Player Yes Yes Yes
Windows Media Player Yes No No
Programming Applications
Cygwin Yes No Yes
GhotstScript Yes No Yes
jEdit Yes No Yes
jGrasp Yes Yes Yes
MikTex By Request Only No Yes
WinEdit Yes No Yes
Science Applications
Cn3D Yes No Yes
Jalview No No No
PyMol Yes No Yes

***Software requests require the form HERE to be filled out and submitted.***