Computer Labs & Kiosks

Computer Labs

The student computing labs at the Homewood Campus are available to current faculty, staff, and students.  These computing labs allow users to perform general computing tasks, such as word processing, email, and Internet access, as well as more advanced computing required for course work and research.

There are 4 computing labs on campus have an extensive amount of software installed.

Identification is required to gain access to these rooms.

Don't forget to visit our computer kiosks around campus if you just need to print something really quickly or need to check your email.

Krieger Academic Computing Lab

  • 42 Dell Optiplex PC's
  • 28 Mac's
  • 1 B&W Printers
  • 1 Color Printer
  • 4 Scanners
  • Wireless Access


  • 6 Dell PC's
  • 1 B&W Printer

Wolman RCC

  • 9 Dell PC's
  • 2 Mac's
  • 1 B&W Printer

Charles Commons

  • 6 Dell PC's
  • 1 B&W Printer

Computer Kiosks

A variety of computer kiosks are available to current Hopkins students, staff and faculty throughout the Homewood campus.

You can find computer kiosks in the hallway outside the Krieger Lab, Hodson Hall (in the Reading Room and next to the auditorium), Charles Commons, as well as Levering Hall (next to the coffee shop and in the basement next to the auditorium).

If you need a place to sit down to do class work or want to use a computer in a more comfortable environment, then please visit one of our computer labs on campus!

Your JHED ID is required for you to log into these kiosks and don't forget to log out when you are finished!

The computer kiosks have Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint installed.

Each kiosk is set up to print to the public print stations that are available around campus.

Please use the online form to report any issues.

Don't forget to log out!